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Falling in Reverse have released their new video, for “Raised By Wolves” and you can watch it here!

Yes, it’s another performance video, but we love it and find it quite eerie that the lyrics ring true.  As Ronnie Radke’s past band Escape the Fate are falling apart, Falling In Reverse are chugging full speed ahead like a runaway train and there appears to be no end in sight. Congrats on the much-deserved success, the war is indeed yours.




Ronnie Radke is back…Are u ready?

It appears that the war is his; I’m speaking of Ronnie Radke of course.  The ex-front man of Escape the fate has faced trials and tribulations, managed to fight his way through and is once again aiming for the top. His new band Falling In Reverse is set to release their debut album July 26th and their first video for the single “The Drug in Me is You” premiered today on YouTube via Epitaph Records.

“The Drug in Me is you”

Video courtesy of Epitaph Records You Tube page