Get Scared singer Nick Matthews attempts suicide

Posted: August 7, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Last night lead singer of Get Scared, Nick Matthews  tweeted “Yeah…Goodbye” with an image of pills sprawled out over a table.

It appeared that Nick had made an attempt on his life and used twitter as a cry for help and help he did get from Craig Mabbit of Escape the fate. Craig called an ambulance and his actions probably saved Nick’s life, as nick is fine and recovering in the hospital.

While Nick did get help he also got some feedback from Ronnie Radke of Falling in Reverse. Ronnie made light of the situation by tweeting Nick Matthews girlfriend Jamie the following

Fans on both sides got into a frenzy,  Some defending Ronnie and some bashing him for making a joke of Nicks suicide attempt.

Johnny from Get Scared even called out Ronnie on Twitter, saying

@REDRUMRONNIE stop attacking my best friend and I wont have to do anything to your face! Seriously dude WTF? Go cause drama elsewhere

But Ronnie couldn’t leave the matter alone and later tweeted a photo of  pill shaped candies sprawled out on a table with the message “I’m About to end it guys I’m gonna eat all these japanese candies cause life is to hard goodbye cruel world.














  1. Anonymous says:

    I always loved Ronnie, and his songs, but this made me have a complete new perspective of him. I honestly thought better of you, Ronnie. Suicide is NOT something that you have a right to joke about. It’s an extremely sensitive subject, and it’s not to be messed with.

  2. Anonymous says:

    FUCK RONNIE, i hope he actually gets cancer and ends up taking several years to die, that cunt. i know this is harsh but Get Scared is my favorite band and ronni is just insulting nick about life is hard and that shit, oh what a surprise, not.

    • LWeiss says:

      I absolutely love Get Scared and Nicholas Matthews, but does anyone know what happened after this? Just recently, he deleted his Instagram and there has been no activity from Get Scared. Concerned… also I used to like Ronnie but this made me absolutely hate him.

  3. Shado says:

    Ronnie… stop being an asshole, I thought you were getting better. Ugh. we love you Nick, stay alive |-/

    • Shado says:

      Ronnie… stop being an asshole random people on your twitter who don’t know what you’re like are going to hate you . Ugh. we love you Nick, stay alive |-/

      P.s. Ronnie’ s way of helping people is to make jokes, he gets to lighten the mood, don’t hate on him. He might be a fuckwad sometimes but he’s usually really kind and funny

  4. Anonymous says:

    Douche move from both Nick and Ronnie. Suiude is not the answer…. ever.

    In other news, Joel is in jail for being a perv… Even so, he is still a better singer than Nick and Ronnie… Specifically Nick… That’s probably why he tried to kill himself… Cos Get Scared’s best EP to date is the one that features Joel.

  5. imrealareyou says:

    okay. I understand that people are people are upset about ronnie doing what he did. But he wasnt doing it trying to make fun of it. He took it the wrong way, trying to bring people up with a laugh. People can yell at me all there want. But my point is that they are good friends. Nick and Ronnie have worked on songs together. So he wasnt being a asshole, he was being a friend, and lightening the mood. Love you both guys, amazing

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I’m sorry I know this is bad but its kinda funny

  7. Priscilla Hernandez says:

    I will never look up to Ronnie the same anymore he’s just a rotten ass bitch who cares about no but himself

  8. Priscilla Hernandez says:

    Ronnie is a fucking bitch I hope he goes to hell and burn up he should never joke about suicide Ronnie the fucking dip shit I hate u so much Nick wasn’t doing this to get attention if anything Ronnie of all people should know how it feels to go through depression he wouldn’t like it if someone joke about him if he was going through depression or almost commit suicide Ronnie is so careless and such and rotten creep

  9. hehe says:

    dude ronnie radke is fucking hillarious ❤ he just tried to lighten the mood and obviously u dumb fucks didnt look at the picture IT WAS FUCKING CANDY god u fans girls are such dumb fucks its fucking candy whats he gonna do ?? candy rush?? get a tummy ache? hes so fucking stupid ronnie in fact isnt a dick for tryna make a smile or a laugh and notice how candy boy's friend is the one saying shit the girlfriend at the time probably laughed her ass off

    • Cynnicallwolffee says:

      Seriously bruuh, he was making fun of nick! yeah seriouls defend ronnie all you want. but making fun of a suicide attempt is nooootttt cool.

    • Anonymous says:


    • John says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    Nick I’m so sorry this happened, I love your music and I’m so glad Craig helped you because your music changed my life! And Ronnie, good music but seriously, think before you act sometimes,

    • Anonymous says:

      Finally, someone who can be respectful while still saying that what Ronnie did was wrong.

    • Alexandria Wolf says:

      I like Falling In Reverse’s music, and I also like Get Scared’s music, but I think Ronnie’s comment’s were inappropriate. I myself have had a suicide attempt by pills and if he truly was just trying to lighten up the mood he went about it the wrong way. I still respect him as a person but this will make me look at him differently from now on. Suicide is a serious thing.

  11. Cyanide_x3 says:

    Been listening to fail by get scared.. Nick probably needs to listen to at my worst, and remember what he said. “The worst is over”. Shxts hard, but that never means it can’t get better. Ronnie I’m a huge fan, but j. Fkn Christ, you really are an asshole…

  12. Anonymous says:

    Nick without you I would probably try to do the same thing you did. you and your music is amazing you are absolutely awesome in every way. You inspired me to become a singer when I get older. Your my favorite singer and I’d do anything to meet you. Btw I love your hair

    • Anonymous says:

      LOL. He probably dosent even know your name and you’re gonna kill your self over him? WOW

      • Anonymous says:

        That reply was really rude. Saying something like that to somebody is awful. There are plenty of people like this person. Just because someone they look up to doesn’t know them doesn’t make them less significant that persons life.

  13. Anonymous says:

    To people who say he wanted attention, how would you feel if you were violently depressed and everyone said that you wanted attention?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Depression and suicide are serious and are NOT a joke. Ronnie should be ashamed.

  15. InsaneAngel says:


  16. Midekeu says:

    Niether of u guys get to die

  17. Midekeu says:

    NICK!!!!! DON’T DIE!!!!!!! >~<

  18. Anonymous says:

    This music is my life it’s what fuels me to go to school every day nick can make his own disisions

  19. Anonymous says:

    everyone who considered that nick was crazy for “attempting against his life” is a total idiot, because everyone has their own problems and their own life. Honestly, it’s only been nick’s music that has kept me from doing the same and just ending my life, so no one has the right to criticize what he does or how he manages his life.

  20. alex says:

    Guys Stfu. Nick didnt want attention, i have depression too and honestly i would have done the same thing because sometimes i dont know if people cared! See if i were to that i would want to see who would call help for me instead of turning their backs. Leave him alone. You people know nothing about Nick and im not saying i do. Im just saying im having the same mental illness hes having so i know.

  21. Damian says:

    wait this was from 2011??

  22. Safiya says:

    Depression is something to do with your brain. It’s a mental problem, it has to do with health. So for everyone hating on nick for this, shut up, cuz you have no idea what you’re talking about. BTW- his gfs name is Jessica 😊

  23. Ashley says:

    Really ? That’s not depression that’s a cry out for attention you have money all the girls u can possibly get and fame what more could u possibly want if you wanna know what real depression is ask my 13 year old friend that is six feet underground because her parents shot themselves instead of posting stupid comments on Twitter like Goodbye why don’t u look what u have in the real world ….

    • alex says:

      And tell me do you know what depression is?? I do. It doesnt matter if you have all the fame girls or money in the world you can still get depression. And really a cry for attentions HA ALMOST KILLING YOURSELF BECAUSW OF ATTENTION is stupid. If that were true about him just wanted attention he would have just posted that and done nothing, no! He did almost kill himself. You dont know what ur saying so might as well be quiet

    • Anonymous says:

      you are just one of those stupid poeple that think everyone is happy when they have material things and that famous people don’t have to face problems, well sorry to pop your bubble, but every humen in this world has problems and sometimes we just want to know who actually cares enough to help, so don’t butt into other people’s business if you don’t understand it in the first place.

    • Aliscia says:

      You don’t know much about depression do you…it’s a mental disorder, which has nothing to do with having money or getting sex. Learn before you speak! Not one situation is harder then another just different. If your seriously think material things fight depression your an idiot….depression is a chemical imbalance in your brain, you could be the most popular person surrounded by thousands and still be lonely and feel empty. People like you make those people feel worse which makes you a damn depression causing bully….bravo for you I hope you feel good when you have kids one day and one offs himself because you never gave them what they really needed but damn you bought them everything!…..hmmm.

    • Victoria says:

      Ur 13 year old friend and her parents would be ok if they’ll post “stupid” comment instead of shooting themselves.
      Would you rather like if Nick really killed himself? Because only this would be “real depression”?
      Think about this like that.
      Maybe he had real depression and maybe just some part of him wanted to give him a chance to survive that.
      Because for me he FORTUNATELY posted that tweet and FORTUNATELY got saved by Craig Mabbit.
      I can’t believe that you wishes death for him (because you clearly does) if you really know a person that suffers from someone’s death from depression.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you fu*cking serious, just because he posted doesn’t mean he wants attention. He actually tried to kill himself and needed to be hospitalized, it is not okay to insult someone for trying die just because your friend is gone because of it. Do you even know him? Do you know what he’s going through? Maybe he doesn’t want all the girls, all that money and all that fame. Maybe he just doesn’t care whether people are totally in love with their music, he just wants to express himself through music. This person needs help, not your sh!t. Plus, not everyone knows your friend, not everyone is going to care about the people you care about. Sure, they can feel bad for her but they can’t actually care about her because they never even knew her. Stop.

    • Anonymous says:

      you say its a cry out for a attention yet you really have know idea what goes on in his life so you have know right to make a comment on his situation you say ‘ what more could you want ‘ when there are a verity of things to want but can never have even with money and fame that as just from reading this you could never understand

  24. Anonymous says:

    Maybe he was thoroughly depressed and thought he had no place anymore. But Nick suicide just won’t solve anything! I know depression is powerful but you shouldn’t suicide or its all over. Life is not a game, think about how many people would be depressed! It may even cause a chain reaction! But we’re all glad your OK Nick.

  25. Danny says:

    My friend said she’d rather kill herself then committ suicide. -_- does that make any sense. But she was joking.

  26. Aries says:


    • Josiah David Hill says:

      everyone is saying how nick has everything and should be happy but for some people depression is genetically ingrained into their very inner essence of self and is harder to manage than situational depression. so there is a strong possibility that he had been trying his hardest to be happy.

    • Anonymous says:

      How do you know BTW don’t take this negatively

  27. Clari says:

    … Well then. Ronnie is a jerk, but yet again, he is right. Suicide is stupid, especially if you have millions of fans that were inspired to live because of this band… But you know, nobodys perfect…

  28. nick listen to me please don’t kill yourself your fucking wonderful when I found out you tried to end your life I tried to overdose I love you and it would destroy me to see you go so please think of your fans and stay alive oh and Ronnie fuck u

    • Name says:

      He tried to kill himself back in 2011… And you posted this four years later. If you read his twitter you should know he is a lot better now. Also, why would Nicholas get on this website to read about something he already knows about? He’s not going to know what you just typed.
      This comment has no effect.

  29. look Ronnie was in the wrong but nick don’t end your life, I fucking love you your perfect in every single way and if u go then so do I

  30. Anonymous says:

    it doesnt matter but all you people bashing on other people your practicly saying THE SAME DAMN THING AS WHAT YOUR SAYING IS NOT COOL GO SLIT YOUR WRISTS YEAA THATS ANOUTHER WHY OF SUCIDE FREAKING LEARN,EHHH ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love ronnie so all you people bashing on him go read back on what your saying okkkkk lil sluts

  31. jada proakos says:

    Number 1 ronnie WTF that kinda of crap is not funny. He tried ending his life.
    Number 2 nick think of it. If you do it. Theres no coming back its game over. Maybe if you made more happy songs you wouldn’t feel the way you did when you took those pills.

    ♥ jada lynn proakis

    P.s fight

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s kinda what most people want when they attempt suicide, they just want it all to be over. No more pain, no more problems, nothing.

    • Anonymous says:

      you do know that songs are just reflections of what you feel in your heart and soul ……… right?

  32. Anonymous says:

    Wow. I cant blive than he tried to kill himself!:( thats just heartbreaking……but im REALLY glad hes okay. And about ronnie……. I dont know wat his deal is, I know he was just trying to lighten the mood…. but imagine how nick felt, like ronnie was mocking him thats just awefull. He had no right to do that, it was cruel.ill be prayin’ for the people who think his joke was funny, cuz it wasnt. And to: Nick, dude, I dont know you, I love your music, and I know this is gonna seem ….. religious and all, but if God wanted you to die he’d do it himself.God put you onthis planet to help people through thier pain and suffering through your music. From…. anonymous. But a loving fan.ill be prayin’4 u. ..

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree on almost everything you said, except the part about Ronnies joke. Everyone makes a huge deal out of it but when it all comes down to it no one actually puts theirselves in Nick’s shoes. No one knows if he was hurt by it or even offended, hell for all we know he could have cracked a smile at the joke because he lived. (Just my opinion, don’t gangbang me for having one, pls and thanks.)

  33. Black says:

    It’s a wierd spot for me too. I can’t defend Ronnie for the actions pf his… but his music has helped me through tough times, as with Nick Mathews

  34. Anonymous says:


  35. Anonymous says:

    i love both guys but it is bad for ronnie to be making fun of suicide tbh he kinda reminds me of onision

  36. xX Snow says:

    We all love you!! never do that again. i cried. your my fav singer and your apart of my fav band. I LUV U ❤

  37. jada says:

    to nick:
    why would you want to stop living you have so much. everyone loves you. you have no idea. when i read this i cried, you are my role modol. you have a great life and so maney people love ya’ll like i said a few minutes ago. please do not try that again.

    to all get scared fans
    if get scared ends or someone dies WE RIOT (love to get scared)

    from: jada lynn proakis
    p.s yolo ROCK ON NICK

  38. Anonymous says:

    FUCK YOU RONNIE! I think that’s enough said. (Love you, Nick xD)

    • Anonymous says:

      that wasn’t even ronnie! it was somebody ROLE PLAYING as him! so don’t get all upset, and even if it WAS him, he was just trying to make light of the situation..

  39. Anonymous says:

    Guys just leave them both be some things were said but alls well now. Suicide is not a cowardly thing and you never know unless your in the persons shoes.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Idk about all of this. Personally i love them both. I’ve only met Ronnie once, and he was nice, but then again I’ve met Nick 4 times and talked to him quite often through twitter so I can definitely say he’s a very good person. I think it was a cry for help, and I’m VERY glad that Craig helped him in time.
    People that are saying it’s not Ronnie’s twitter, are wrong. It is his old twitter. Yes, he did say this. And yes, it was out of line but I’m not gonna lie, I did laugh at the japanese candy thing. Some people try not to be dramatic over every little thing and have fun, and I do believe Ronnie is one of those people.
    More importantly, they’re friends now.
    And if anyone is saying “he’s a band member he wouldn’t do something like that it was to gain more fans”, you are wrong. I myself am in a band and I can certainly clarify that us musicians are in fact humans, and we do have feelings.
    I’m glad Nick is ok now. That’s what matters.

  41. Grace says:

    What Ronnie did was messed up!!! If he did die I wouldn’t know about get scared!!! One of my favorite bands!!! I love get scared! And Ronnie should think if he was in nicks shoes!!! Would he like nick attacking him!!! I think not

  42. yeah im sure its not just a way to get more fans… pills*rools eyes*, i love GS but suicide by pills is not a way a band member will do it .

    • Anonymous says:

      just because someone’s in a band doesn’t mean they attempt suicide differently. we’re all humans here. who would try to get more fans this way? i don’t think thats what he was doing.

  43. Anonymous says:

    And its not even Ronnie’s account dumbasses his account is verified by icloud which all celebs have and there’s no blue icon so this account is there for fake.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Fucking ridiculous someone who wants To actually commit suicide doesn’t go around posting on twitter saying oh I’m going to go kill myself someone who really wants to die doesn’t tell anyone most don’t even know why they commit suicide they don’t even really talk about it all this was was just a publicity stunt and it makes me sick because my best friend committed suicide and now she’s in a mental hospital and none of us knew she seemed happy and then one day her mom finds her OD on the floor and still no explanation so fuck him!

    • Anonymous says:

      You don’t know him personally. I’m sorry you went through such a horrible time. Some people try to commit suicide as a cry for help. They aren’t trying to kill themselves, they just need someone to understand how they feel and help them. He might be really depressed, like your friend seems to be, but nobody who doesn’t know him personally can know that. However, no one should EVER dismiss an attempted suicide for ANY reason.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ever thought the reason why Johnny said that, was because he knew his fans would care and stop him! He probly wanted to be reassured that people care about him! Ever thought that?! What “Ronnie” did was a bit over bored, but it’s not like he hasn’t tried to commit suicide either! Everyone has!! So if you guys would stop fucking arguing about it and try to see how Johnny’s life really is, then maybe you’d understand! It’s not like he pours everything on twitter! Some things are hurtful to even think about, so before you even fucking try to blame it on Johnny try to think what it was like for him, in the past and present. It sure wasn’t like sunshines and rainbows, that’s for sure! “The past is in the past. Get over it already!” The past can still hurt! Bruises are made, blood is pouring, and tears are forming. Just stop playing the fucking blame game
      Every one has their hardships! Johnny just thought he couldn’t take any more of remembering. But he got another chance, from Craig! So before you judge people wanting to get help through social sites, poems, letters, anything! Put your selves in Their shoes. You don’t know what’s it’s like. And you never will

    • Anonymous says:

      You sir, piss me off, as the post said it was a cry for help. If you truly cared about your “best friend” you wouldn’t diss anyone trying to commit suicide, in any way. And since you said that “any one who really wants to die wouldn’t go public” or whatever you said, then that means he didn’t. He clearly wanted help.

    • Name says:

      You’re fucking ridiculous! He wanted people to talk him out of it or at least wanted people to know he would be gone. BTW if your best friend committed suicide how is she in a mental hospital? You know suicide is when you SUCEED at killing yourself. But I bet you both share a padded cell there. Her for suicide ATTEMPT and you for that s l o w thinking process of yours. 🙂

  45. Katie B says:

    Wow… What the hell Ronnie??
    I just found out about this today and I would freaking bawl if Nick died.

  46. Omgfg. 😦 got very sad when i saw this. I will die if he dies.

  47. tori says:

    who support ronnie*

    • Jami Erin says:

      I think Ronnie was trying to make lite of the situation. I think people were just PMSing over stupid shit. I do love Falling In Reverse and Get Scared, so i wont take a side, but Nick shouldn’t have done this. Him and Ronnie, and several other bands I like are anti-suicide, so this was mostly disappointing to me. If he thinks he isn’t worth it than why would his fans think they should go on? I don’t promote what Ronnie said but i think people are making a big deal out of nothing. Nick shouldn’t have done this either. I feel bad for anyone that has gone this far just to try and ruin it. I feel bad for Nick, I hope he feels better later on. I realize this is old, but he will hopefully feel better.

      • Black says:

        Depression makes suicide look friendly, i see from the standpoint of nick
        But no matter what is said, me must all note that Ronnie, did not post. It was someone posing. And we must also realize that Nick needs support, not criticism

  48. tori says:

    i kinda think it’s funny how all of you are dissing ronnie for ‘pushing suicide’ on nick, but you are actually telling the people that support them to kill themselves. im not saying what he did was the right thing to do was right but damn. stop being such fucking hypocrites.

    • Name says:

      That’s not at all what they are saying! NEWS FLASH! Just because they don’t like what he doesn’t mean that they want his fans to commit a mass suicide.

  49. XxHunter666xX says:

    I was never a huge fan of Craig I like Escape The Fate though. After reading this I fully respect him and I actually look up to him now. Craig’s an amazing guy and if it wasn’t for him Nick might not be here. Thank you so fucking much for saving Nick!

  50. XxHunter666xX says:

    So to all the dumb fucks freaking the fuck out at Ronnie just hear me out.
    First of all no 2 twitter names are exactly the same therefore the people saying Ronnie just changed his account name it’s impossible for his to change it to the one mentioned in the article as it already fucking existed!
    Second of all it clearly states on the account that it is infact NOT Ronnie but a person ROLE-PLAYING and PRETENDING to be Ronnie.
    And Lastly Ronnie Radke’s twitter account is a VERIFYED account meaning that a blue cloud with a white check mark in it shows up next to Ronnies name. This icon is NOT there in the photo above meaning it is NOT a verifyed account.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Wow, thats not even ronnie radke’s twitter. If he actualy said that, it would shock me, cause ronnie would do nothing like that.

    • Anonymous says:

      Omg…I was actually pissed off at Ronnie for a moment before I realized that I follow Ronnie on twitter and then I realized this wasn’t his account

  52. Anonymous says:

    If only people realized that what they see here isn’t the real Ronnie Radke’s actual twitter account.. #Somepeoplejustdon’tlikemakingsuretheirfactsarestraight.. c:

  53. Anonymous says:

    Ronnie was extremely out of line!!! are you nuts? Matthews tried to kill himself, suicide is not a joke and by doing something like that is really messed up. what if and god forbid Matthews died? Ronnie would have been the worlds biggest jerk for saying that and the fact that he did do that is so over the line that its not even funny. Ronnie owes get scared an apology for that because he went so far over the line. suicide is not funny and by doing is really screwed up

  54. Bri says:

    That wasn’t really Ronnie. It was somebody role-playing Ronnie. His real twitter has a white checkmark in a circle of blue around it. It was NOT the real Ronnie. And, if Nick commited suicide, I would be really upset. The person who was role-playing Ronnie should not have said those things in the first place, espeacially if he was role-playing a celebrity, or making a joke about suicide. Once again, THAT WAS SOMEONE ROLE-PLAYING RONNIE, AND IT WAS NOT THE REAL RONNIE.

  55. I like Falling In Reverse. I like Get Scared. I like Escape the fate. I really don’t give a flying fuck about anything else.

  56. THEUNBORN says:

    that wast ronnie’s tweeter

  57. Anonymous says:

    I love Ronnie. I love Nick. I love Craig, too.
    Neither of them did wrong here. Ronnie apologized anyway, everyone can shut the fuck up because they’re friends now.
    You are all idiots that are commenting. No need to write novels, you’re not going to get an award for it. Stop hating on Ronnie and Nick, and even Craig. Karma’s gonna bite you in the ass.

  58. anonymous says:

    Okay, this is old news but I just heard about it.
    let me clear a few fucking things up. no, it’s not okay at all to make fun of people who are suicidal or who self harm. It’s not okay to joke about depression. I’ve been down those roads and it’s not funny, and it’s not okay to think somebody suffering so much is funny. It’s far from a joking matter. but by the same token this seemed more like a cry for attention than a cry for help.if you are really and truly depressed or suicidal you don’t go flaunting it around socail networking cites. if you’re planning on taking your own life and you are serious about it you don’t do that. if anyone is told it’s mostly the closest friend to the person that plans on taking their life. and the friend is normally told within an hour before the suicide is committed. That’s how my best friend left this world a year ago.. they’re both talented musicians and Ronnie is in the wrong for joking about suicide, but something tells me that Nick Mathews was searching for attention, not help. and I’m sure that’s why ronnie was quick to jump on it as a joke because truly depressed and suicidal people, don’t fucking do that.

    • XxHunter666xX says:

      That’s fucking bullshit! Nick wasn’t looking for fucking attention! He would NEVER do something that fucking low! He was in a bad place and was fucking serious! If he was looking for attention he wouldn’t have actually made an attempt on his life! If he was looking for attention he would have made the twitter post and done nothing else! That’s a cry for attention! Nick actually took the fucking pills and almost fucking died that night! That’s not a fucking cry for attention! So fuck off and leave him alone cuz you have no idea what you’re talking about!!!

    • XxHunter666xX says:

      And also if you payed any fucking attention what so ever you’d see that is NOT Ronnie fucking Radke’s twitter account! He has a fucking verifyed account and that’s not fucking it! It was some insensitive douche bag role-playing!
      I love Ronnie and I love Nick both of them have helped me more than they’ll ever know and pisses me the fuck off that you’re being a fucking asshole to both of them when you don’t know shit! Lots of people have done what Nick did and thank god Craig was there to save him or else he’d be 6 feet under right now because he actually wanted to fucking die! It wasn’t a cry for attention! So many people have actually died cuz assholes like you brush it off as a cry for fucking attention when it’s really a last good-bye before they end things for good! Also Ronnie would never joke about suicide and make fucked up comments about someone who either attempted or commited suicide! Infact he’s the reason alot of people havn’t killed themselves! So get you’re fucking facts straight and stop being a fucking douche bag to both of these amazing guys! They’re better people then you’ll ever be! They’re traveling the world saving fans with their music while you sit behind your fucking computer screen and judge people when you don’t know shit!

  59. im me says:

    i’d probably die if nick killed himself:(

  60. Emo boy says:

    I ment to call my self emo boy he he that’s not my reall name on the first name ha ha it’s zain ha ha yeah if nick really died I would be so Fucken sad he is really owsome to me he has the best band ever mad in all my life he raelly cool

  61. WTF!what’s ronnies problem? If nick died I could not live I love get scared! I hats Ronnie and falling in reverse! </3

    • cuddlequeen14 says:

      Ronnie Radke is a douchebag. Everyone knows it but can’t accept it.

      • HE IS NOT! RONNIE IS AN AWESOME PERSON! HE HAS SAID SEVERAL TIMES THAT HE DOES ACCIDENTALLY START FIGHTS ON TWITTER, KEY WORD ACCIDENTALLY! and i would be pissed off if i went to jail for 4 years, cause people i thought were my friends didn’t testify what really happen during a fight! he got blamed for killing someone or being an accessory to murder when his friends could have told the truth and then the judge wouldn’t have blamed it all on him!

  62. Lea says:

    Ronnie isn’t an “ass”, well okay he is a little bit, but in his defense his humor is a little more deranged than others, I’m not taking up for him but his personality isn’t a reason to get his music, but yes he is a douche bag at times.

  63. Constance says:

    Ronnie is a fucking asshole! Nicholas has more talent than that heartless dumbass! Ronnie is the reason why I don’t like falling in reverse, I’m fucking glad he is banned from coming to Canada! He does not deserve the fame at all!

    • XxHunter666xX says:

      FYI Ronnie’s NOT fucking banned from coming to canada! Falling In Reverse is playing Warped 2014 and they’re playing the Toronto show dumbass!

  64. Anonymous says:

    the “ronnie” was a roleplay Ronnie Radke.
    it even says ON THE ACCOUNT.
    look it up.

  65. Cole says:

    I still support Ronnie, yes I agree he was very out of line with that but that doesn’t mean you people can go tell Ronnie fans to kill themselves. It isn’t right. All of you need to grow up!I personally love Get Scared and Falling in Reverse. Get well soon Nick.

  66. Koda says:

    I knew Ronnie was always a dick, and he will never stop because all he wants is attention

  67. viola says:

    Ronnie is an ass! him going to prison isnt a good thing you know. it means he BROKE THE LAW. got it? b-A-D. not in the cool way, or the smart way, the STUPID way. Get Scared is an awesome band with awesome musicians. idc if you think they’re ‘soft’. they are an amazing band and nice people, unlike that asshole ronnie. fuck ya’ll

    • Honestly i used to look up to ronnie but now he seems like such a fag!!! Its not right to make fun of people because of there suicide problems when Ronnie has issues of his own that he acctually deserved to got to jail for! Craigs awsome atleast he has a heart!

  68. Aj says:

    wether it was ronnie or not its still too far to go Nick was clearly trying to leave this world and the ronnie/fake ronnie crossed lines

  69. Anonymous says:

    To the person who said that that’s not his twitter… you DO realise you CAN change your twitter name right??? Dumb.

    • XxHunter666xX says:

      No 2 twitter names can be the same therefore it’s impossible that Ronnie changed it so he could post the shit mentioned above seeing as the account already fucking existed you stupid shit!

  70. Elizabeth says:

    That is fucking halarious

    • XxHunter666xX says:

      Bitch! Are you fucking serious!? Nick almost dying is far from funny! Fuck you! You can burn in hell!

  71. Anonymous says:

    Do any of you people realize, thats not Ronnie Radkes official twitter? Ronnie Radke’s twitter is @RonnieRadke, not @REDRUMRONNIE .___.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh my gosh im glad im not the only one who realized this! People are so dumb!

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually, you are dumb. @REDRUMRONNIE was his old Twitter username, which he was using at that time. He only changed it to @RonnieRadke sometime this year. Before you open your stupid mouths, get your facts right.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ronnie’s first name on Twitter was @REDRUMRONNIE he then changed it @RonnieRadke. If you are going to comment make sure facts are right. Thanks

  72. Anonymous says:

    i may have a sick sense of humor… but i found it funny. ronnie radke is a fucking beast lol he does what he want

  73. Anonymous says:

    Ronnie is such a troll xD but its still alittle to far >.< but in a way funny

  74. Amy says:

    I love Ronnie and Nick…but Ronnie was way out of line. It made me like him less. It’s suicide, there nothing at all funny about that! Craig was amazing for what he did. I respect that. Ronnie an awesome ish person an all, but he shouldn’t have stopped that low. That was messed up. Glad Nick is okay now. Ronnie, I love you but please stop being an ass. Craig, I respect you tons for what you do. Nick, I’m so happy you’re okay.

    • becky says:

      I AGREE! totally right i love ronnie to bits but making jokes about suicide he stooped to low! he might not like craig but there’s no need for picking on craig’s friends and who would take the piss out of nick he’s hawwt!

    • Clara says:

      Damn straight

  75. Justaperson says:

    All pretty pointless, Ronnie made a simple joke, I see people on facebook, making jokes about 911 no one gets angry or up-set about that…You guys are all very hypocritical, it’s sad to see ignorance. But people will believe whatever the fuck they way, people can choose to be stupid, choose not to look at simple facts, because they want their way of viewing certain ”facts” to stand out. In most cases it does, because like I said before, people are dumb, and easily convinced.

    • chelsea says:

      Bro, someone joking about a 911 call on facebook and someone, like Nick, crying for help is not the same. And I love R.R. but him making jokes about that, publicly of all things, was uncalled for.

      • Clara says:

        You realize that if nick didn’t post the picture on twitter than Craig wouldn’t have called the ambulance that saved his life?

  76. Chas Hail says:

    I find it hilarious how every one is being so over dramatic about such a dumb thing! Yea, i love both Get Scared, and Falling In Reverse! All of you people keep say Ronnie needs to kill himself, or die etc. But didn’t you just say it was wrong that Ronnie “Pushed sucide on nick” He didn’t he stated his opinion. He was Just trying to say that he has been through much worse but still hasn’t gone postiing pictures of pills on twitter to where tons of kids can see it! Yea, both of them were out of line! But you don’t have to dislike a band because of the singer.

  77. Anonymous says:

    I say they all have there problems if anything, and I don’t hate any of them. But the peiople who are going so far as to tell the people who defend Ronnie and or Nick to kill themselves or ”are fucking cunts, weak pussies” in the commets really need to think rationally before posting that.

    I don’t hate Ronnie, yes he was out of line but so was Nick on the decision to post it on twitter, even if he needed help there are alot of fans who are young…like me for example that are watching that. Craig responding was a good thing but the drama that started out of Ronnie’s joke was unnessacary Ronnie and Craig already have a drama…dragging Nick and Johnny into it wasn’t nessacary.

    Hopefully Joel Favier is better off (New lead singer of Get Scared).

  78. Thanks for commenting. You guys had a lot to say about this!
    please follow at
    Let me know what you would like to see more of in the blog.

  79. Anonymous says:

    I love how ronnie lovers call craig a dick.
    craig saved nicks life
    Ronnie made fun of a man attempting the suicide
    proof. nuff said
    hope nicks okay.

  80. Anonymous says:

    I love both ronnie and nick and their music but honestly…they are both douchebags…ronnie has been through a living hell and fought and managed to get over it..i do respect that..but making fun of someone else who tries to kill himself?!man its like you congrats him for that!!i think that ronnie was just joking but even then suicide isn’t a fucking joke!and even if he was joking only cause craig helped nick then he has mental problems..ok escape the fate kicked him out of the group and made craig their new singer but ronnie should just stop hating him for that and move on..i mean he has has already done awesome job with falling in reverse.
    Nick on the other hand has huge problems too and tried to kill himself and i dont blame him for that,i mean the way that people face their problems is diffrent hes not a weak pussy..But at least he could think about all this people who love him!his family,his friends and his fans and not posting images on tweeter with fucking pills sprawlled all over the table!most of his fans are children between 12-18…many of them are going through a lot of shit in their lives and music gives them strengh to go on living!!!and im actually one them…nick is idol for many kids so when he does something like that many desperate kids will actually do the same..!there are ways to make his life better and he could start by stopping taking drugs…Ronnie managed to do it…million other people managed to do it so nick can do it too!
    Craig god bless you for saving Nick!!!Nick fight for your life cause you can!you have all the weapons you will need…u have the love of your friends the love of your fans and your AWESOME music!!u just need to use them!<3and Ronnie u still remain one of my fave singers but just try to be more…nice???
    GET SCARED FOR A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  81. Jake hates Fagging in Reverse says:

    Radke is just mad because he misses his big black gangster cell mate who would lay beside him at night and took showers with him. Radke is a douche and definitely needs to go back to prison where he didn’t exist to the world. Get Scared forever.

    • evelyn says:

      hey! Dont talk about ronnie like that yea he did a bad thing but he didnt kill an innocent soul like gunmen and murderers out there their the ones that need to go to prison and locked away for life

  82. Anonymous says:

    personaly i think it`s kinda funny myself (no offence) but you shouldn`t joke about that right after it happens.
    i understand what it`s like… </3

  83. jamie says:

    leave my baby alone

  84. jamie says:

    wtf ronnie

  85. Anonymous says:

    Uhm, okay… I love Ronnie and Nick. But seriously? I don’t pity anyone who does shit like that, even as “a cry for help”. You’re too sad and pathetic to fight for your own life? Fine, dude. Off yourself. That’s your weakness in not asking for help before it got so far and then screaming for attention at the fans who can’t do anything to fix your problems. Yeah, it was kinda mean on Ronnie’s part, but he’s probably someone who’s been through real shit and doesn’t feel bad for people who go for the easiest way out. Depression and Suicide are no joke, but the people who victimize themselves to the point that they think nothing can be changed or fixed are. Weak. Spineless. Pathetic. You’re offended about this? Then fucking do something about it to change your life for the better. Seriously. Tough love, kiddies. Grow the fuck up.

    • Jake hates Fagging in Reverse says:


    • becky says:

      He wanted help NOT attention if you were depressed and had problems about to end your life wouldn’t you want someone at least try to help you get back into shape and restart your life? you grow the fuck up people have problems more than you can think of KIDDO obviously you don’t cause your making everyone with depression a bad and pathetic person if he wanted attention he would of put “im going to kill myself because no one cares about me” NO! he didn’t! he wanted HELP!
      GET a soul and care about people!

  86. lizzy says:

    ok so yer what ronnie did was out of line but jezz lighten the hell up …..ronnie has shit with craig mabbit nyway so that prob had something to do with it seems as craig saved nicks life , who are we to say that one person is fucked up what makes us any better,im proberly one of a few who accturly likes all three bands being falling in reverse,escape the fate and get scared and i respect each and everyone of the singers

  87. Fuck all of you who support Ronnie. Yes, Nick shouldn’t post about suicide, BUT IT WAS A FUCKING CRY FOR HELP! HE wanted help, so fuck all of you who find it wrong. Craig helped him, cause he knew he was calling for it. All of you need to realize Ronnie is a fucking dick. Just because he makes fun of Nick for feeling that was, makes him cool?! FUCK NO! I love Nick Matthews and get scared. HE pushed Suicide on Nick, and THATS NOT FUCKING FUNNY! That isn’t something to make fun of him for. It’s a serious problem and you need to stop making fun of it. Ronnie was wrong for what he did, and needs to go get raped and die in a fucking jail cell. Js.
    Nick Matthews. ❤

    • Jake hates Fagging in Reverse says:

      Hahahahahahaha Yes!!!!!! Life sentence for Radke. His cell mate misses him singing to him through the lonely prison night.

  88. Anonymous says:

    You people who support Ronnie through this need to go kill themselves, fuck you guys, you fuel Ronnie’s ego, he’s not cool, he’s a pathetic loser who thinks hes the shit because he has a cult following of scene loser kids with drug addictions and little dicks. Ronnie was out of line and you know it.

    • Jake hates Fagging in Reverse says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Wow… Dear ranting author of this poetic piece, read your first sentence and then your last sentence… You just made light of suicide which is the EXACT thing you finished sayin radke is out of line for. I’m not chiming in on th issue anymore than to point out what an idiot you are 🙂

  89. Anonymous says:

    Its a pitty Nick did this, Ronnie is a dickhole who deserves to go to Jail for life fuck FiR thank god Craig was there for Nick when he needed someone AND NOT make fun of him.

  90. Anonymous says:

    ronnie radke is a fucking pussy

  91. Kainen Slaton says:

    They’re both awesome in my opinion. I idolize both of them in a way, but I would have to say both of them are wrong. Nick shouldn’t have posted the pills and stuff. Get Scared has a diverse fan base, and little kids ranging from ages 12+ could have seen that. I’m not saying it’s a huge deal, but it just isn’t something a kid should see when most kids that listen to GS actually idolize him. Ronnie was wrong for handling it how he did, but I don’t blame him for doing it. It was really fucked up, but you can’t announce your attempt at suicide, and not get some sort of hate. They’re both wrong, and that’s it. Nick attempting suicide doesn’t make him a pansie. He’s proven he isn’t. It’s mental. That’s all depression is. It’s all based on your mental state of mind. Plenty of people attempt suicide, or have, including myself, and i’m definitely not a pansie. Nick’s not a pussy, and Ronnie’s not an asshole. Neither of them are saints, but they’re bad motherfuckers.

  92. Anonymous says:

    so i have a question…who really cares?!?! why should fans care about this drama between these people so much? you’re feeding their egos up and making them think they’re important for doing dumbass stuff like this. worry about your life not theirs.

  93. Naith says:

    Ronnie is right. He didn’t try to kill himself like a pansy when got into prison, but this guy is too weak to live and tries to kill himself, while hurts his family and friends and he has no will to live only for em at least. Get balls coward and live for your friends and family if u dont wanad do it for yourself. Big respect Ronnie, who went through hell and came back, he deserves to laugh about pansies like Nick.

    • Anonymous says:

      Suicide isnt a joke or matter of weakness its a matter of fuckwads like you that are ignorant enough to actually push someone to want to kill theirself depression and suicide is no joke you little shit bag he was way out of line you wouldnt be saying this if it was the other way around now would you you biased idiot

    • Anonymous says:

      You people who support Ronnie through this need to go kill themselves, fuck you guys, you fuel Ronnie’s ego, he’s not cool, he’s a pathetic loser who thinks hes the shit because he has a cult following of scene loser kids with drug addictions and little dicks. Ronnie was out of liUne and you know it. You ignorant limp dick little shit

    • Jake hates Fagging in Reverse says:

      Wtfis your problem. I know someone who has done it. You honestly don’t know if you haven’t been there so shut the hell up. Ronnie is an addict and hasn’t been through hard shit. I’ve had a parent walk out. I don’t do drugs and walk around bitching about it. And he did the crime so he goes to jail. It’s only fair, and if he really WAS accused then get a better lawyer, dick. He’s the weak one, he’s the pansy, he’s the bitch, and if he’s got beef with these Other people so bad then why the hell don’t he stand up and do something about the shit.

    • anonymous says:


  94. Anonymous says:

    Ronnie was WAAAY out of line. No matter your personal feelings for someone suicide isn’t a fucking joke. Anyone who thinks Ronnie is in the right is probably the most backwards motherfucker ever.

  95. I think it’s perfectly okay for Ronnie to reply like this. If Nick didn’t want drama about what he decided to to do, he shouldn’t have posted it on twitter regardless if he was going to be around to hear it or not. I am very very glad that Nick is safe I love Nick Matthews, but what Ronnie did with the candies made me laugh so hard. Hang in there Nick ❤ I do love you

  96. Anonymous says:

    to be honest i hate it when people show how depressed they are on social network sites, but in this case it saved Alex’s life. Ronnie was out of line.

  97. Anonymous says:

    I hate this emo shitbag music, but ronnie is a funny, cool ass motherfuck:)

  98. IcarusArts says:

    This is horrible. Just heard about this. I directed Get Scared’s first music video for “Voodoo” and we were about to shoot another one. I guess that’s why nobody was calling me back this week. So sorry guys. Best wishes to Nick, his family, and friends. Hang in there. Hope to see you soon.

  99. Anonymous says:

    completely out of line..shouldn’t joke about suicide

  100. kylie says:

    hes way out of line

  101. What do you think was Ronnie way out of line?

    • Ronnie is a badass! these get scared guys are too soft! Ronnie could kill him with one hand. Ronnie did 2 and a half yrs in prison. I just got out myself I did a year so i know how it mustve been for him. so these losers stand no chance

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s not a cool thing to be a criminal!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        hey thestudinator you know the only reason why he went to jail is just because he was at the scene

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree.
        Ronnie is the shit,
        And people can’t just accept the fact that he’s been through a lot but he’s still moving on.

      • gloria says:

        you are a dick this isnt about who is more of a ¨bad ass¨ this is about suicide nick was through alot and he decided he wanted to end it and i doubt that you actually think this you just want attention. and also falling in reverse are just posers unlike get scared =)

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