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Little Monsters today  is your day, Lady Gaga’s new album Born This Way is finally here!

The highly anticipated album featuring the dancetastic-controversial songs Born This Way and Judas is now in stores. Lady Gaga’s camp unleashed a massive marketing plan to promote the new album with online ads, TV spots and a music take over on FUSE. I must have seen around 20 online ad’s for Born This way this past weekend.

Gaga knows how to work her fame with crazy antics, outrageous outfits and sky-high heels she keeps us all in awe, we can’t help but admire her. While we love her fame monster side we also love her big heart, she speaks out on injustice and promotes self-love.


The “original” album tracks include “Marry the Night,” “Born This Way,” “Government Hooker,” “Judas,” “Americano,” “Hair,” “Scheibe,” “Bloody Mary,” “Bad Kids,” “Highway Unicorn (Road to Love),” “Heavy Metal Lover,” “Electric Chapel,” “You and I” and “Edge of Glory.”

The “special edition” will have five more tracks. “Born This Way Country Road Version,” “Judas DJ White Shadow Remix,” “Marry the Night Fernando Garibay Remix,” “Scheibe DJ White Shadow Mugler” and “Fashion of His Love Fernando Garibay Remix.”  (courtesy of MTV news)


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